Report – 50 Years Training Milestone.

Senseis Steve & Pam Rawson 7th Dans were invited to represent Shikukai Karate-do International at Andrew Genery 8th Dan’s 50th Year Anniversary Training in Doncaster on the weekend of 11/12 February 2023. This unfortunately coincided with the Winter Course in Chelmsford, but Sensei Sugasawa felt it important that they should attend. When Sensei first arrived in the UK he was a regular visitor and instructor at the Doncaster Dojo.

Saturday morning started with the reading of a congratulatory message from Sensei Sugasawa to Andrew who had started his Wado Karate journey 50 years ago to that very day. He was also presented with a small gift of an embroidered Ken Bu Jyuku sweat towel.

The training was initially lead by Andrew Sensei, working in groups of three, to increase speed and accuracy when performing gyakuzuki. This got the heart and legs racing. Kihon and Keri followed on. After a short break Ni Sei Shi Kata was practised; particularly noting the slight difference in movements between the two Associations.

Seishan was then covered, with Steve Sensei explaining the nuances of Sugasawa Sensei’s emphasis. The final part of the session concentrated on Kihon Gumite Happonme. Pam Sensei was able to show just how effective Kuzushi could be when it was applied correctly against the largest student in the Dojo. The three hours passed all too quickly. Everyone convened later at Cosmos, a local Buffet Style All You Can Eat restaurant in downtown Doncaster.

Sunday’s training was opened by Andrew Sensei, working on Nagashizuki. This was followed by Steve and Pam Senseis comparing the techniques in the 6th Kyu and 2nd Kyu Kishin and Shikukai Syllabuses. The concept of Nihon Gumite was new to the Kishin students, who were mostly familiar with Sanbon Gumite. The students really enjoyed and appreciated the variations and explanations offered.

Andrew closed the session by thanking everyone for attending and for working so hard over the weekend. In particular Andrew asked Steve & Pam to convey his thanks to Sensei for permitting them to attend and instruct.

Pam Rawson 7th Dan

Shikukai Karate-do International

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