Report – Robin Eaton’s 80th Birthday Training Theme: Wado Through Time.

On the 15th of April 2023, Sensei Carol Chatterton 6th Dan and Kiku Wa Jyuku hosted a special training session to celebrate the 80th birthday of one of its club members, Robin Eaton. Overseen by Sugasawa Sensei, the training was led by Steve Rawson, Sensei 7th Dan and Pamela Rawson, Sensei 7th Dan. Although theContinue reading “Report – Robin Eaton’s 80th Birthday Training Theme: Wado Through Time.”

Report – Netherlands weekend with Tim Shaw Sensei.

Yet again host Martijn Schelen of the Kenkokai Dojo Eemnes in the Netherlands executed a flawless piece of organisational magic for our planned three-day training weekend. It is always a huge pleasure and privilege for me to be invited to teach in the Netherlands, for so many reasons, not least that the level of enthusiasmContinue reading “Report – Netherlands weekend with Tim Shaw Sensei.”

Report – Kiku Wa Jyuku training and grading.

On the 18th of March, Carol Chatterton Sensei 6th Dan and Kiku Wa Jyuku hosted atraining and grading with Pam and Steve Senseis (each 7th Dan) at the Olympiad,Chippenham. This was well attended by 36 students from Weymouth, Chelmsfordand Exmouth joining members of the host club. The session started with a challenging warm up andContinue reading “Report – Kiku Wa Jyuku training and grading.”

Report – Shikukai Winter Course February 2023.

It’s always a massive challenge to pull together a four-day course in the depths of winter, but it is one that we have always tried to rise to. This year, of all years, all the pieces seem to fall into place. On attendance alone we broke all previous Winter Course records. This was the ShikukaiContinue reading “Report – Shikukai Winter Course February 2023.”

Report – 50 Years Training Milestone.

Senseis Steve & Pam Rawson 7th Dans were invited to represent Shikukai Karate-do International at Andrew Genery 8th Dan’s 50th Year Anniversary Training in Doncaster on the weekend of 11/12 February 2023. This unfortunately coincided with the Winter Course in Chelmsford, but Sensei Sugasawa felt it important that they should attend. When Sensei first arrived in the UKContinue reading “Report – 50 Years Training Milestone.”

Report – Norway Course.

Roughly 3 years had passed since the Hokusei Jyuku had welcomed Sensei Steve Rawson 7th Dan and Sensei Pam Rawson 7th Dan to Norway, so the weekend of 19/20 Nov was greeted with much anticipation. It was always going to be a short trip for the visitors, arriving Friday evening and leaving early on theContinue reading “Report – Norway Course.”

Report – Japanese-style Kumite Training at the Combat Lab Weymouth. November 2022.

Students from Chelmsford, Exmouth and Weymouth met up again at The Combat Lab for another Kumite based training session. The theme this time was contrasting the Japanese style of Kumite with that of the Europeans. The session was opened by Steve Rawson Sensei 7th Dan, who gave a brief resume of his family’s experiences whilstContinue reading “Report – Japanese-style Kumite Training at the Combat Lab Weymouth. November 2022.”

Report – Shikukai Autumn Course 2022.

It was a real privilege to be able attend and be a part of the Shikukai Karate International Autumn Course of October 2022. This established annual course had been held on Zoom in 2021 due to Covid restrictions and was long awaited by Shikukai students from across the country. The course was presided over byContinue reading “Report – Shikukai Autumn Course 2022.”

Report – Wado Karate Chertsey – Summer Camp August 2022

With the help of Sensei Richard Barham 6th Dan, we held our first summer camp at the beginning of August. Over five days, the 2-hour sessions provided an opportunity for students to have some intense training which allowed them to improve their karate in a very short period, learn new techniques, and have some funContinue reading “Report – Wado Karate Chertsey – Summer Camp August 2022”

Report – Shikukai Junior Competition.

The long awaited Shikukai children’s competition was held at the beginning of July at the Olympiad Centre in Chippenham, Wiltshire. The well planned day was a tremendous success. It enabled children from different Shikukai clubs to come together to train and compete as one. It was the first time that many of our children fromContinue reading “Report – Shikukai Junior Competition.”