Here is our curated selection of images from over the years.

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Robin Eaton’s 80th Birthday Training Theme: Wado Through Time.

March 2023 Tim Shaw Sensei in the Netherlands.

Training and grading, Chippenham, conducted by Pam and Steve Rawson Sensei.

Weymouth Combat Lab March. Theme; Yakusoku Keiko and Idori.

Shikukai Winter Course 2023 Essex. (see report)

February 2023. 50 years milestone event. Doncaster (see full report).

November 2022, Japanese Style Kumite workshop, Combat Lab, Weymouth.

November 2002 Tim Shaw weekend course in the Netherlands.

2022 Autumn Course, Chippenham, UK.

Instructors Course with Sugasawa Sensei in Brittany. August 2022.

July 2022 Shikukai Summer Camp, Chertsey.

Shikukai Junior Competition Chippenham Wiltshire July 2022

July Instructor’s course with Sugasawa Sensei in Chertsey.

Three day weekend course in Hungary with Tim Shaw Sensei.

Combat Lab Course – Weymouth June.

Shikukai Spring Course May – Portland, Dorset

Instructor Training April 2022, Tanto Dori.

Kumite-based Training in Weymouth, hosted by Steve and Pam Rawson Sensei. March 2022

Three day course in the Netherlands with Tim Shaw Sensei, March 2022

2022 February Winter Course – Essex

Kumite Course in Weymouth, organised by Steve and Pam Rawson Sensei, January 2022

2020 March, Senior Pairs and Kata Course, Chippenham.

2020 New Years Instructors Training, Chertsey.

2019 November, Shikukai Autumn Course, Chippenham, Wilts.

2019 September, Steve & Pam Rawson Sensei & Carol Chatterton Sensei in Norway.

2019 September, Tim Shaw Sensei teaching in Holland.

2019 August Instructors Course, Brittany, France.