Who we are –Sugasawa Sensei and Shikukai.

Shikukai (Wado Karate) was founded in 1990 by Sugasawa Fumio Sensei, a Japanese Sensei who first arrived in the UK in 1978 and established his teaching credentials as part of the second wave of Japanese pioneers of Wado in Europe under Suzuki Sensei’s UKKW.

The formation of Shikukai was part of Sugasawa Sensei’s natural growth and development rooted in his experiences in Japan with both the first and second grandmasters of Wado karate. Sensei could be said to have been in the unique position of experiencing Wado karate in its various incarnations within Japan, Europe and specifically the UK. It is this perspective that we all gain from.

In 1994 Sugasawa Sensei was presented with the “Ko Ro Sho”; a special award by the second grandmaster, acknowledging his contribution to Wado Ryu karate and his dedication and service to the Wado Ryu Karate-Do Renmei.

The name “Shikukai” has its own history. It originally derives from the club name of the Meiji University Tokyo karate club “old boys” association. See blog post on the origin of ‘Shikukai’.

Development over the last thirty years.

Shikukai has gained steadily since its foundation and has experienced success in many areas. Shikukai members have advanced to senior positions and have become respected instructors in their own right. (See instructor profiles [to be added]).

The backbone of our teaching is our syllabus, which has been intelligently crafted (by Sugasawa Sensei) and is supported by years of expertise and a secure lineage within Wado karate. Our training is very much traditional but we also strive to be forward-thinking and progressive in what we do, being proactive and open-minded in our core training.

Shikukai now has a nucleus of clubs run by a dedicated group of senior instructors, all striving towards one aim; to ensure the perpetuation of pure Wado Ryu technique in the spirit intended by the first grandmaster and his inherited family tradition.

Condensed profile of Sugasawa Sensei.

Sugasawa Fumio was born in Sawara City, Chiba Prefecture, sixty
miles east of Tokyo,

In 1969 he went away to study Commerce at Meiji University,
Tokyo. Where he joined the Meiji University karate club (Wado Ryu).

Regular instruction at Meiji from Ohtsuka Jiro Sensei, son and
future successor to the founder of Wado Ryu karate Hironori Ohtsuka

Sugasawa Sensei became Meiji karate club captain, and later
(post university) fighting coach.

He came to the UK in July 1978 and joined a group of resident
Japanese instructors responsible for spreading traditional Wado Ryu karate
throughout the country. He initially taught in the East London area, but soon
established contacts with clubs in all parts of the UK.

For the more complete biography of Sensei’s years in Japan, follow this link; ‘Sugasawa Sensei Biography’.

Clip of Sugasawa Sensei demonstrating with Iwasaki Sensei

Clip of Sugasawa Sensei demonstrating with Iwasaki Sensei.

Video courtesy of Martijn Schelen of Kenkokai

Shikukai Karate-Do International is a member of the EKF and abides by EKF Safeguarding policies. The appointed Safeguarding officer for Shikukai Karate-Do International is Steve Rawson.