In Memoriam – Tim Dixon (1956 – 2023).

It is with great sadness that I have to notify the wider Shikukai community of the recent passing of Tim Dixon, 6th Dan, one of our most respected senior instructors.

The loss of Tim has been a huge shock to us all and sent ripples through our organisation and beyond.

This devastating news has reached a far wider circle than Tim’s individual family members, (whose grief can only be imagined), as his influence has commanded a level of respect in the broader martial arts community; specifically with Wado; whether that has been as a competitor at international level or a highly regarded instructor with a wealth of knowledge developed over many decades of dedicated, disciplined training.

But it is his personal qualities that will also be missed. In the Dojo he was the epitome of quiet, soft-spoken confidence, a natural communicator (as you might expect of a career spent as a teacher in English schools), but with Tim these were qualities that were innate and without affectation.

There are many of us who will remember Tim at some of his finest moments. On the technical front, for me, the true measure of the man as a highly skilled fighter was encapsulated in the last formal Dan grading he took in front of the full Shikukai panel. The apex moment being the astounding resilience he demonstrated in the final test set for him, where he faced opponent after opponent with grim determination, implacable and stoic to the last bruising encounter.

At the human level, Tim was always great company and all of us enjoyed his presence at the numerous karate socials; so many ‘finest moments’, too many to tell in such a limited space; but I am thinking of his sing-alongs and the high-speed wisecracks and merciless repartee of the ‘Dixon, Gillis, Cambridge’ trio; in this, he had a profound sharpness of wit and skill with the lightning-fast come-backs, a joy to behold.

In all honesty I cannot count the number of courses and competitions that Tim attended; you can see his image on group photographs from UKKW, Academy and Shikukai events.

From my angle, I first encountered Tim in the Dojo at the regular training sessions with Suzuki Sensei and Sugasawa Sensei at the Sobell centre in London; at that time he was a brown belt; this was in the 1980’s, he has been a constant presence ever since. No event was complete without Tim.

But let’s not forget that Tim was indeed multi-facetted, which is evidenced by his newly found post-retirement career as a film extra, something he clearly enjoyed and, before his illness intervened, he was steadily becoming a minor star in his own right.

It must be said that the whole of Shikukai, from our chief instructor downwards are devastated by the loss of a very dear friend. To say, ‘He will be missed’ would be a huge understatement.

Rest in peace, knowing that so many people had a special place for you in their hearts.

Tim Shaw, January 2023.

One thought on “In Memoriam – Tim Dixon (1956 – 2023).

  1. Just a small condoleance on friends and family on occasion of the premature departing of the hon. mister Tim Dixon. Although our mutual acquaintance wasn’t that profound, I met him on quite some occasions and I considered him as a friendly and humble gentleman and a dedicated budoka.


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