Report – Kiku Wa Jyuku training and grading.

On the 18th of March, Carol Chatterton Sensei 6th Dan and Kiku Wa Jyuku hosted a
training and grading with Pam and Steve Senseis (each 7th Dan) at the Olympiad,
Chippenham. This was well attended by 36 students from Weymouth, Chelmsford
and Exmouth joining members of the host club.

The session started with a challenging warm up and stretch lead by Pam Sensei. After
the opening bow the thread throughout the day’s training was the importance of what
can appear to be ‘small details’ to make good Kihon which will improve your Karate.
A key message was knowing when the elimination of tension was required, and when
not. Students practised Kihon Waza as a group for the first half, building up a
substantial sweat. They then separated into two groups where Pam Sensei took the
9th to 4th Kyu grades through Pinan Nidan / Sandan, a selection of combinations and
Pair Work. Steve Sensei took the 3rd Kyu plus group through Kushanku followed by
some select senior Pair Works. In both groups the sweat was maintained.

At the final bow both Senseis thanked the group for their hard work, with the words “Every drop of sweat is worth more than the colour of your belt”. This reminded me of an old
quote, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.

Some students then took Kyu Gradings with the following being successful: –
2nd Kyu – Adam Rose, Archie Warren and Lewis Higginson.
7th Kyu – Tess Callahan, Henry Seeman, Pete Mullee and Sarah Ponting.
8th Kyu – Noah Ladd, Scarlet Sweet, Elouise Thake and Rishabh Nair.
9th Kyu – Levi Butler, Louis Sabatier and Pierre Sabatier.

Earle Thomas
2nd Dan

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