Report – Japanese-style Kumite Training at the Combat Lab Weymouth. November 2022.

Students from Chelmsford, Exmouth and Weymouth met up again at The Combat Lab for another Kumite based training session. The theme this time was contrasting the Japanese style of Kumite with that of the Europeans.

The session was opened by Steve Rawson Sensei 7th Dan, who gave a brief resume of his family’s experiences whilst training and competing in Japan. Pam Rawson Sensei 7th Dan then spoke about the Japanese maxims of Kikioji, Mikuzure, Futanren and Kuden, Taitoku and Mitori.

Following a warm up, the students worked through a series of drills which were linear, direct and with emphasis on speed. These same drills were then repeated with a variety of partners. Students wore protective equipment and then replaced their gumshields with headguards. This offered greater facial protection, but made it harder for them to see, breathe and react. The students were all surprised at how much difference sparring in the headguards made.

The two hours training flew by, with everyone giving maximum effort, regardless of grade or experience. Much fluid was taken on board to rehydrate.

Pamela Rawson 7th Dan
Ken Bu Jyuku

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