Report – Shikukai Junior Competition.

The long awaited Shikukai children’s competition was held at the beginning of July at the Olympiad Centre in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

The well planned day was a tremendous success. It enabled children from different Shikukai clubs to come together to train and compete as one.

It was the first time that many of our children from Chelmsford had entered a competition and certainly the furthest that they had travelled for one. After a three hour drive we were met and made to feel welcome by our hosts Sensei Carol and her team. Our children and parents were put at ease straight away

As we walked into the competition arena we were greeted by the sight of the matted area, seating for parents and tables set with medals and trophies.

The day began with a joint warm up and kata session led by Sensei Steve and Sensei Pam Rawson. This was perfect planning as the children mixed together straight away and were able to train side by side. A brief breakdown of the rules and expectations for the day followed and then we were soon starting the day with the first competition:

Punch and kick the pad – Children who took part in this event showed real spirit and determination. They were cheered on by parents which added to the atmosphere. All of the children in this category were awarded a medal for their stamina and determination.

At the end of the session it was lovely to see a good mixture of children coming away with trophies:

1st      Matthew Game – Chelmsford
2nd     Rosie Cornwell – Chelmsford
3rd     Tommy Lyons-Wilkes – Chelmsford

1st     Hannah Phillips – Chippenham
2nd     Oliver Cornwell – Chelmsford
3rd     Molly Mclean – Chippenham

The second event was Kata. Here the children were asked to perform twice in front of judges from Weymouth, Chertsey, Chippenham and Chelmsford. There were a variety of Katas on display ranging from Kihon Kata to Kushanku. Judges were particularly impressed with the stances and focus of some students.

KATA 6 – 10 Years
1st     Oliver Cornwell – Chelmsford
2nd    Molly Mclean – Chippenham
3rd     Miriam Springett – Chelmsford
KATA 11 – 16 Years
1st     Christopher Coates-Jones – Chelmsford
2nd     Archie Warren – Weymouth
3rd     Henry Seeman – Chippenham

The final category was Kumite.

All of the children who took part fought with integrity and purpose. As we neared the end of the day it was a good opportunity for our children to learn hints and tips by watching the older children perform.

BOYS KUMITE 8 – 9 Years
1st     Alfie Durrant – Chelmsford
2nd     Oliver Cornwell – Chelmsford
3rd     Phin Mulley – Chippenham

GIRLS KUMITE 9 -10 Years
1st     Scarlet Sweet – Chippenham
2nd     Hannah Phillips – Chippenham
3rd     Molly Mclean – Chippenham and Miriam Springett – Chelmsford   (joint)

BOYS KUMITE 10 -12 Years
1st     William Phillips – Chippenham
2nd     Chris Coates-Jones – Chelmsford
3rd     Noah Ladd – Chippenham
4th     Harry Taylor – Chippenham

BOYS KUMITE 14 – 16 Years
1st     Archie Warren – Weymouth
2nd     Lewis Higginson – Weymouth
3rd     Alex Wong – Chippenham
4th     Henry Seeman – Chippenham

All of the children were a real credit to their instructors, their families and to Shikukai.

They have started to make new friends and to become a family of their own.

We are really looking forward to meeting again.

Many thanks to Sensei Carol and her team, to Sensei Steve Rawson, Sensei Pam Rawson and Sensei Richard Barham for their time and effort as without this it wouldn’t have been possible.

You have restarted something special.

I’ll leave you with a few comments:

It was an absolute pleasure for Steve & I to oversee the running of such an inspirational event. The youngsters were an absolute credit to their parents and the Shikukai family.’ Sensei Pam Rawson

It was the best day ever’ – Tommy

‘I didn’t win, but I loved it and made a new friend ‘ – Connie

What a lovely atmosphere. All of the children from all of the clubs put so much effort into everything and were so respectful’ – Parent

‘I was scared at first, but I did it’ – Harry

Sue Dodd 2nd Dan Instructor at Shouwa Jyuku Kodomo (Chelmsford).

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