Report – March Kumite-based training in Weymouth.

Following on from the successful introductory kumite based training in January, an additional session was held in March 2022.

Shikukai students from Weymouth, Chippenham, Chelmsford and Exmouth joined together to learn and enhance their understanding of the Wado principles of Kumite.

The action-packed two hours was led by Sensei Steve and Sensei Pam Rawson and involved kihon drills, bag and pair work. 

Throughout the session the students’ understanding of the use of distance and timing (Ma-ai and Ma) was constantly challenged. 

After a stretch and warm up they began with focussed kihon drills that they would later use with the bags and then with a partner. Bag work enabled the students to increase the sharpness and accuracy of their techniques whilst pair work helped them gain a better understanding of the underlying Wado principles. 

Many thanks to the Senseis for the diligent planning, preparation and delivery of the session and to all of the students from the attending Shikukai clubs for the positive team atmosphere and support of each other.

Sue Dodd
2nd Dan

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