Report – June Combat Lab Weymouth.

The third Shikukai Kumite based training held at The Combat Lab Weymouth this year was another great success. It built upon previous sessions where students had worked with bags to improve their awareness of distance and timing.

During the intense two hour training, students from a variety of Shikukai clubs worked together to focus on controlling their attack for self-protection and for offence. This involved working in pairs for strength training, stretching and with hand held pads to increase fast and fluid movements. This developed an understanding of Maai No Kakehiki. 

Rather than using physical strength alone, students were encouraged to maintain body discipline while performing certain techniques.

Many thanks to Sensei Steve and Sensei Pam Rawson for a very well planned and executed session: 

Sue Dodd 2nd Dan 

Awesome, so good to work so well together”

“This was such a great session, engaging brain and body, sweaty and interactive, great fun, can’t wait for the next one”

“Lucky to have Shikukai as a family to work and train so hard and so well with”

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