In Memoriam – Chris Mortimer 1989 to 2012. 

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of regular Shikukai member Chris Mortimer, who died at the age of 23 years at the beginning of November this year.

Many Shikukai seniors and students will have fond memories of Chris. In the short time he was with us it was hard to miss his personal warmth, positive outlook and cheery smile. Always quick to engage in leg pulling and banter he treated all people equally and was unfailingly generous in spirit and deed.

Chris displayed an implacable spirit of adventure and was always willing to go the extra mile, literally; putting himself out to attend courses, competitions and seminars from as close to home as Chippenham and as far afield as Hungary .

He was also willing to walk into anyone’s Dojo and offer himself up for training, no matter how tough and demanding it was. It was through this that he earned the respect and admiration of everyone he came into contact with, and sadly it is only with his passing that we are able to see and acknowledge this aspect of his strength of character and willingness to connect.

I have particular memories of his bounciness and enthusiasm during training, which was tempered by his curiosity and willingness to question what he was doing. It was this balance which singled him out as a youngster with considerable potential. Sadly circumstances contrived to rob us all of this potential and all those he came into contact with have felt a need to acknowledge the loss. But our loss as friends pales in comparison to the loss to his family; for whom we cannot begin to comprehend their feelings and deep grief.

Tim Shaw 13/11/12

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